Repairs of many kinds.


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While you may not agree that people are machines, when we are damaged or broken, we need repairs. This is certain. Those repairs can come in many forms. This is one of them:

Medical Operation

the first incision
completed, cleaned and positioned
the surgeon starts stitching
now you’re closed
time for an inspection
reflection on the outcome
is the job done?
time to close the doors on
this operation

May all repairs be completed with great success. Have a great day.

Repetition doesn’t make us care.


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When you have a point, make it. When your point is made, let it go. Once your point has been made and people understand there is no point in continuing to try to make it.


A voice that shouts
it won’t let out
like a school professor
who keeps you around
like a prison warden
who wants to teach
to stand in the halls
and endlessly speak
like a bird in the forest
with a megaphone
like a young singing woman
whose voice shatters stone

if you have something
you feel you should share
don’t keep on talking
until no one is there
make your point
and then let it go
if we don’t listen
maybe we don’t want to know

Let them have their days. You made your point. Have a great day, too.

Candle light, how you dance for me.


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Such a beautiful thing, the light of a flickering candle. It spins, pirouettes and flounces better than all others.

Candle Woman

Dancing little gown
above the thinnest form
she whirls and flares her skirt
dancing up a storm

she has not feet
and has no face
the woman’s arms
always float away
she has not legs
or skin to glow

just a dress that flares
as her stage pools below

May you kick your feet up forever, Ma’am. Have a great day.

How big a building would this be?


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A temple unlike any other.

Everything Else

On the wall of time
there is a place
a temple built
so out-of-place
it sits in silence
far and away
you cannot visit
and cannot escape

within its walls
there exists
that you have missed
if you should seek
to see the rest
take the journey
and see the rest

Mine would be massive. But then, I feel no need to go. Have a great day.

Some think that perfect is man-made.


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Man-made isn’t perfect.  Man-made is an approximation of something.  Whether or not that is perfect for its purpose is up to the one who uses it.

Plastic Surgeon

Cutting, slicing and stitching
to add what’s seen as missing
to make sure nothing stated
cannot be integrated

a conversation before
right here, a little more
right here, a little less
that will make you look your best

and now
you’re under the knife
as they slice apart your life
checking what it is they might
to make sure you will look fine

care and control
the knife to which they hold
it is the sole
thing to that should be seen as cold

Have a great day.

SOM – Save Our Molars


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I enjoy eating. Perhaps not as much as I could, but I do. And I’d like to keep being able to eat with my teeth.


Like soldiers, in a way
fighting tooth decay
drills to cut and lathe
they fill the holes they make

grinding all away
the rotten and decayed
and saving what remains
so it can chew another day

They project that ability and I really appreciate it. Have a great day.

And how would you know it’s time?


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Try as you might. I dare you.

An Old Man’s End

man on ocean
ocean says
sorry, old man,
time to rest

water roars
and shouts about
lashing waves
that whirl and pound
surf and spray
and sea sick storm
nauceous dragon
makes ocean roar

ocean calms
it murmurs words
and then moves on

fragmented boat
that floats around
shattered wood
pounded down
ragged shirt
that sinks down

path of refuse
that leads
to an island
where an old man
enjoys the breeze

I’ve seen so many years, you can’t possibly send anything new at me. Have a great day. I think I’ll have another.

They do it because they’re scared.


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When animals run they stampede. When they stampede you can get trampled. If you get trampled by a stampede then you might say you were the victim of a trampede.

Considered Trampede

charging on
with horror face
trample hooves
that scramble place
shatter walls
with jagged horns
and scramble up
as fleeing on
never stop
to think to turn
and tremor ground
as table turns

I fear the trampede. But don’t quote me on that. Have a great day.

Mindless day-to-day routines can make you feel dead.


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There is a niceness about routine, but it can wear on you. Sometimes, it can even make you feel dead.

Dead Routine

by the hair
and by the head
hanging up
because we’re dead
coming in
when morning arrives
our shambling bodies
to reclaim our eyes

placed upon
and staggered off
mixing up

find our place
our refuge
enter now
and please be good
day in
and day out
the tide of lives
comes in and out

May your routine be the stuff of legends. Have a great day.


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