She doesn’t just break the mind…


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Madness breaks everything she touches.

Mad Tainting

A voice in the night
that you didn’t hear
a motion before your eyes
that wasn’t quite clear
a picture in your mind
that seems so real

Madness can do anything
when she drifts near
she breaks perception
tipping it over
like a large wooden bowl
that can’t get sober
like a warm sunny day
in the midst of October

Madness is to you
like Yes is to No, Sir
an opposite
be sure of it
you are okay
and she’s not a bit
so when it’s time to make a choice
go with your gut
ignore her voice

If you see her reaching then turn and run. Have a great day.

Out of The Dust


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After a long trip, finally, they left the sand…

Out of The Dust

Dusty people
in a dusty place
dusty hand
wipes sweat away
windy gaze
from far away
through haze
at what’s far away

morning’s rise
above the sand
gleaming bright
shimmering man
staring far at your face
silent smile
this way

They made it. Now what? Have a great day.


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