No rest for the weary


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There’s something out there, right? Someone should do something.

A Twisted Approach

Something twisted
this way comes
it walks around
on borrowed thumbs

staggers along
and slides through slums
people go missing
they add to its rungs
ribs, arms and jaws alike
they go into limbs
all thumb-like

the thing, it crawls
and drags along
a body of organs
five miles long

horrid thing
it never waits
always invades
taking away
the loved ones
we try to protect

the awful thing passes
and there’s nothing left

I’ll do something later. Right now, I’m running. Have a great day.

Morning–This Afternoon


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This morning, I decided to have lunch… not because I felt special, but because I missed breakfast.

Late Rise

Greeting the morning
during the day
late to the planet
where we all stay

no one to blame
and no reason
I missed the morning
because I was sleeping

Good Morning, good afternoon, what’s the difference? Only a few hours. Have a great day.

That thing that no one can describe,,,


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It’s a feeling. An entity. An idea.

Quiet Crushed

Do you ever listen to the nothing that shouts?
the quiet breeze that pushes around
the silence it makes
as it touches down
like an alien craft
come from far out

it sits quietly as it deafens your nerves
it breaks all your plans
because you don’t think you’ve been heard

You try to shout
the voice reaching out
but silence shoots it down
snuffing it out
not a breeze or a breath
or a thought let slip
no one responds
and away you drip

What is that? I don’t know. Now, let us get moving again. Have a great day.

The way it just slips away


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It makes me feel sad. Only sometimes, though. Sometimes, I just sit and watch…

Moment Moment

Today has a sign
a clock
ticking away time
a moment
token and blind
it sits
gently reclines
wishes for wine
yet, never ever tries
to go and get
it’s reluctant
and yet
all of this
to some extent
it just can’t forget
thinking on what was then
and what is now
the way life slips by
it makes the day sigh

Moment, moment… good bye. Have a great day.

Draining Away


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You cannot use us. We will not let you. That is a promise.

Dripped Away

No drops of dripping
no stagger along
no reason to kill
no fuel for what’s wrong

it stagger and run
and wall to wall reach
it can’t be like us
to do what we see

it whirls and it looks
like we have just seen
eyes in face
glare is obscene

knife in hand
holding tight to the blade
drops of dripping
from the hand hold that way

The drops of dripping
they’re still coming out
we got ourselves
so his uses his own, now

he stagger and drift
and we realize
he isn’t with power
he’s starting to die

he stagger and wince
eyes staring around
blood running out
time winding down

drops of dripping
they slow and they stop
horrible man
slows and then drops

the pool that was sitting
all soaked into clothes
gone with his mind
to where, nobody knows

Now you’ve run. There’s no more left. Have a great day.

For Every Evil There Is A Cure


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We will destroy you. We know how. We will prove this. Leave us now.

Dripping None

drops of dripping
it’s still alive
this thing that is man
as he hunts for more lives

we’ve figured it out
what it is that he does
he uses the blood
to leap between us

the drops and the dripping
they have to stop
a drug is passed out
to make our blood rock

he is ending the world
and he will win
if we can’t stop his leaps
if we can’t destroy him

so, no drops of dripping
but the ones that he has
we search and we look
as he learns of our plans

empty head mind
with broken eye stare
it stagger and drag
dragging broken corpse stare

the body is dry
not a drop of blood
just a single red mass
the same
in all of us

the weapon dries out
no drops falling down
we close in on him
we’ve got you, now

no drops of dripping
you sick horrid thing
we’ve broken your power
we’ve tightened your strings

Now, what will you do without the dripping? Have a great day.

The Drops Are Remembered


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The drops cannot be forgotten. We must remember. If we don’t, someone will be silenced over and over… until we cannot.

Drops of Escape

drops of dripping
as wonder along
feet on boots
carefully pulled off

don’t want to muss
or tear or break
good boots are nice
quality’s hard to fake

wondering stagger
as empty head search
looking for money
in broken body’s purse

smells and hears
and notices coming
moves a little faster
to dark corner, running

when the corner is reached
there’s nothing there
all of this loss
and we’ve gotten nowhere

drops of dripping
still loping along
not ending the world
just doing it harm

It’s still out there. Still escaping. Still doing. Have a great day.

Problems Forgotten…


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Problems forgotten… they don’t go away. Don’t just disappear. They will wait. They will hunger. And when they are empty enough, they will feed.

Broken Searching

Drops of dripping
the ones from before
they haven’t dried
preserved gore

what that made them pour
from the face of someone
coming out of a store
such a horrible one

let go on that night
we search for its presence
search for his might
as we learn his lessons

he isn’t a demon
and isn’t a knight
he’s just a broken thing
that won’t just give up and die

drops of dripping
still tracing a line
it always dead ends
as he walks out of sight

The drops lead somewhere. They have to. But where… and how? Have a great day.

Denying Their Denial of Insistance


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When they insist it isn’t important, it is one thing to go off into a corner. It is another one to use the corner to make yourself heard.


Standing in a corner
shouting at the walls
every little brick
slowly wobbling off

voice raised up
like a megaphone
I won’t go
No, I won’t just go

Sometimes, you must make your words echo until someone listens. Have a great day.


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