I am pleased to have something to say.


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It isn’t enough for me to just make things fall onto paper or screen such that others can see them.

Message Less

this, that and the other
the words that I present
aligned in a way that rhymes
the way that I intend

this, that and the other
the very same statement
but it is just words
it carries nothing else with it

I am thankful that there is something in what I say. Have a great day.

I forgot the trouble, but remembered just in time.


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I was keeping watch until I…

Lost Track

Rocks on the ground
they slowly bounce around
like balls tumbled down,
made of rubber laugh about

the rocks hop and dance
like nervous little ants
they skip, flip and prance
as my mind comes tumbling back

I raise my head and shout
for everyone to get out
time to flee, no doubt
because there’s an avalanche right now

At least we survived to–Have a great day.

I fear this.


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Hydrophobia and Potamophobia are real in me.


staring forward
running aft
moving quickly
white water raft

fleeing from
what is before
cannot safe
not anymore

just a hope
not be done for
survive the impact
and live for more

That doesn’t really help. Have a great day.

Things I’d never like to witness… #1


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Meteor showers are cool, but this? Not so much.

Meteorophobia – Fear of meteors

Eyes on the sky
watching them fall
rocks high above
aimed at us all

screaming from the stars
like lightning strikes
they hit whole regions
and away the world’s wiped

Not cave nor pit or fort of slate can keep the rocks out when they fall from space. Have a great day.

They called. Oh, how they called.


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They called with a powerful ritual.

The Drummoning

hands on leather
rumble, rumble
they shout with percussion
a violent tumble

hands flying high
they swing and sway
then down they go
crashing away

calling, calling
voices up high
pitched to the clouds
way up to the sky

shouting, shouting
so that it might hear
and crawl through the planes
to finally appear

I can almost see them. Magnificent. Have a great day.


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