Dry storms exist, too.


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I don’t fear violent weather, it horrifies me. Petrified, I would stand and stare until rescued. Be that as it may, there are storms I intend to never witness, so I feel that this short coming is not a negative. It is a flaw that should never see the light.


A rolling force
steamrolls along
it shatters things
built greatly strong

it never stops
until its breath
wears down
and it drops
what it hauls with it

finally, letting things rest

A wall of sand charging you along the horizon as far as the eye can see in either direction. Terror is all I could imagine. Batten down the hatches, close the shutters, lock the door and grit your teeth. I’d hate to be there when it arrives.

It threatens to throw you off.


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Money, fortune, wealth… a swirling morass of confusion that must be navigated day in and day out. How would you profess to understand, at a glance, what one does without knowing the facts? Because, sometimes, it is obvious. But, equally, sometimes it is not.

Anonymous Help

An out spoken recanter
pure ranter
idea planter
the ideal spender
who builds out
idea shelters
to make sure
with all splendor
that things made
in our blenders
reach maturity

investing securely
but purely
out of respect
this person injects
wealth to reflect
a vast respect
for what a mind can come up with

might you and I reflect
on what it is we said
when we were misled
about everything they did?

I believe I mean that when you see something, understand it before you start walking, in either direction. Have a great day.

I find myself contemplating…


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What do you think about? I find myself thinking of life. What is life? The meaning of life is for people to look up in dictionaries. What I am interested in is: what does life mean to you?

Life Summary

life is a sequence
before and after
peeking over the fence
taking steps

life is about doing
not watching
or simply using
you have to stop perusing
and make sure it’s you choosing

life is a nod to death
not acceptance
but acknowledgement
I see you standing there
but until you reach
I’ll keep on being here

I like to think that life is not a show on TV. Life is a movie in which you star. Everyone stars in their own movie and is an extra, supporting actor or what have you in those of others. In the coming acts, the coming days, may you, great actor, have a great day.

Gazing from above.


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We like seeing it up there. What would we do if it disappeared? What would it do if we disappeared?

The Moon

Faceless thing
that’s staring down
crater pits
appear to gaze out
visage imagined by us all
it watches us
everyday, answering the call

to rise and then rest
to live at our best
as we continue to persist
it continues watching

one day we will walk away
and it lonely
all alone all day
once we’ve flown away

and in time,
we might find
out of loneliness
The Moon has followed
and to resume observing us

I like to think the Moon will find someone else to watch should we go. Have a great day.



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If there is such a word. Real thing. Possibly real description.


massive strength
just dragging in
horrific power
that crushes things
it rips and tears
and shreds to gone
and when it’s done

it just keeps on
it doesn’t think
it cannot sing
just a chunk of matter
dragging in

When I first heard about them, Gravitons became the most terrifying thing in space I’d ever heard of. What do you find scary out there? Have a great day.

I wonder what it was.


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Okay, time to get away.

Escape Time

high in the sky
a young man jumps
after breathing in
he makes for survival
plunging down
a bag in his hands
and a gun pointed down

Right behind him
weapons drawn
people stand
firing off
rounds fly by
as the plane sails away
the young man is safe
or so he wants to say

the plane is gone
as the young man falls
but the shots keep coming
and he takes a pause
he peeks back
and see they have joined
in the fall he is on
but, this just makes him annoyed

the young man twists around
falling, back to the ground,
staring, straight up and out
eyes, away from ground
he fires a shot
at the figures who fall
they fire more off
and score hits with them all
he watches the plume of the strike of his shot
and then his body shakes
yes, it shakes a lot

the young man realizes
that he would be dead
were it not for the luck
of his bulletproof vest

he keeps on firing
and the shots thin out
they slowly recede
until he lets his chute out
and lo and behold
there are holes in the cloth
he can’t land with this
no, he can’t land at all

A knife in one hand
and the gun in the other
he seizes the bag
with his teeth as he wonders
is this the end?
has he made his last heist?
has the wise, old man
finally been right?

he cuts lose the chute
in an awkward way
the knife slices cords
and the chute blows away
he tugs his red cord
and lets out his spare
and away he sails
free of despair

not a minute later
he lands on the ground
safely setting foot
his heart
slowly winding down

and while, behind him,
bodies strike the ground
he calmly drops his chute
and drives out of town

Does it really matter what was in the bag? I’ve no idea what he stole, either. Have a great day.

Just yourself in the house.


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How sure are you that you are alone?


Upstairs, downstairs
and back again
you sit there
you’re alone and then

you hear it
back and forth

and just like that
your safety is scorched
from your mind
and from around
you’re not alone
you can write that down

I’m not against spirits, ghosts or haunts. I’m a shoe conservationist and all that walking is wearing out a perfectly good pair. Have a great day.


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