…In fire he strode…


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The warming man took a walk on the land.

Melted Stroll

molten land
now, slosh and splatter
flying fire
sparks shower scatter

droplets fly of melted rock
while warming man
strides along diamond docks
what he’s made can take the heat

while the rest of it
squishes beneath his feet

I wonder if they have summer. Have a great day.

Absolutely Accurate History


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And that, little Timmy, is how the ice age ended.

Land Melt

once upon a frigid night
a warming man did come alight

he set down foot
and put up home
on frigid land
all on his own

day came soon
and light did rise
and, to the man’s surprise,
the land did drip
and slowly slide

for the warming man
did blaze bright

Yep, totally. Have a great day.

Would you heed you?


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I would.

Future Warn

a shout from the future
in a dying breath
be careful the car
as behind the wheel slept
the man in charge
the steering wheel gripped

walking in the present
on this very day
you see a car careening
where you might be

had you not heeded
the thing that you said
you might, very well,
be very, very dead

I’d pay myself attention. Have a great day.

It has to be just right.


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You can’t just grab any paint and go. You have to choose the right one.

Pigment Choice

a brush in my hand
as I peruse
wondering amongst nature
what will I choose?

so many pigments
so many good moods
the flavors and shades
they’d allow me to use

and searching
as if walking down isles
each one looked at
as if on trial

after a long while
I choose the one color
that will fit my style

Yes, that one will do. Let’s begin. Have a great day.

Fire isn’t the only element that plays.


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While we all go about our days, the elements rest, relax and play. Wind, arguably, has the most fun of them all.

Gusting Fun

swirling wind
whipping around
up and up
and then down and down

screaming gale force
that shatters stone
and all the while
squealing joy along

leaves from trees
and branches, too
blades of grass
and rocks and earth spew
into the air
and onto the ground
they fall to the earth
as the wind plays around

Be good to us, Wind. Have a great day.

The Madness Fiend


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Not all fiends are evil, in fact, very few are. But they are not good for us, so stay away from them.

Mad Thing

deep in her prison
Madness can rest
she sits on her wrists
feet on her dress
eyes on the wall
those eyes recessed
so her eyelids can cover
and her rest will be best

dreaming in her prison
Madness can smell
the secrets we hide
the things we won’t tell
she hears them
and smells
with nostrils so old
in that damp, old prison
all covered in mold

Madness is a Fiend
she sits in the dark
she isn’t an enemy
and doesn’t mean harm
but she must be imprisoned
or we would all crack
and then we’d be prone
laughing on our backs

She isn’t trying to kill us. She just does. Have a great day.


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