Every So Often…


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I’ve done it once, I’ll do it again. I don’t even know.

Strange Image

man alone
sits with his hand
grabbed tightly on
and pushing
and ripping off

screams really high
and sighs really low
voice locked in the chamber
a sickly echo

the noise fighting free
dragging its toes
it can’t find the door
so it slips through the floor

safely to freedom
leaving him to moan

Seriously, I have no idea. Have a great day.

Thankful, Yes


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There are many things to be thankful for. Many, many things.

One Thankful

I’m thankful for my vision
my thoughts
my face
I’m thankful for my diction
my reasoning
this place
I’m thankful for the whispers
that sit in my mind
I’m thankful for the warmth
everyone’s radiating
I’m thankful for all of this
but I cannot lie
I want to find a soul
to share with my mind

I am thankful. Thank you, in fact, for visiting. Have a great day.

The Point Between A and B


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Undead is not a way of describing bodies that should not be moving, it is a point in life. Not everyone passes through it, but, similar to Schr√∂dinger’s Cat, it cannot quite be nailed down until you see it.

All Hollowed

Like pits in the earth
and pits in sand
like pits in the dirt
with rain water trapped

like holes in cement
dug out by men
like chasms in rocks
where we go sightseeing
like the ocean all dried out

a pit all its own
in our last moments
everything is empty
living on its own

I don’t profess to understand. I only posit that it is true. Have a great day.

I’m Losing Pieces From Inside


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I want to keep them, but they aren’t mine anymore. They’ve gone to be treasured by someone else.

Fickle Thoughts

Holes inside my head
where the knowledge wore away
moments I forgive
because I forgot to say

the things I meant to mean
and things I meant to lie
thoughts I want to keep
as the memories float by

wishes I’ve recalled
that once were like today
now they are myths to me
as I keep floating away

May they find a great home. Have a great day.

A Staring Point


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When they look at you so intently, have you ever wondered what they see that’s so entrancing?

Focal Curious

Standing on a chair
sitting on the floor
watching as they stare
at me once more
wishing I could see
deep inside their heads
I want to know what they see
that focuses their eyes

Maybe it’s just them. Nothing to see here, go look somewhere else. Have a great day.

They whisper and roar at once.


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Four voices, no face, all breath, no mints. What am I?

Wind Words

Silence is what whispers make
the quiet words that float away
the wind grabs them and plays all day
then you hear back on a later date

if you quietly say to the western wind
the eastern wind will reply for him
and when the northern wind comes by
it already knows as it quietly sighs

the southern wind makes a rasping hiss
it takes its time pronouncing things
it smiles as it speaks
then it pulls at your face
at the end of the message

The next time the wind blows, throw a mint into it. Have a great day.

And For Nothing


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Ah, shortcuts. I’m sure there is a version of something like this everywhere.

Self Wasting

Man that stares at his own self
he likes what he sees
no one else
he smiles and recedes
like from stealth
and then he walks away

the man knows right
he is the best
he leaves his home
to beat his chest
and yet, no one will even look his way

the man expounds on his greatness
he picks a place to be witnessed
and yet, no one really cares either way

the man goes home
broken and lost
shattered ego
torn right off
he sits and fumes that it didn’t go his way

days come and go
every night
the moon rises above
like a candle light
and the man keeps thinking on getting his way

at long last, he’s found his win
his plotted plans are converging
he forms a band and sets off
to steal the world’s attention at any cost
the man has decided to steal the light

days and nights
he executes
he loves henchmen
very good
because, you see, they can’t survive to the end

for if they do, and this is key,
they’ll maybe take the light he seeks
the attention demanded cannot be shared
they have to die so he can blare
his voice from the lungs of a mighty man
victory, everything at hand
so, yes, they must all die away
and finally, yes, finally,
he is the last one left to claim
the glowing prize seen in his brain

the seconds tick and tock by
he sneaks in closer to steal the eye
but nothing comes when he makes to grab

the thing you thought just isn’t real, man

Surely, you jest. If there was a quick way to get anything you wanted, no one in the world would be lacking anything. Have a great day.

But It’s So Much Fun!


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I just can’t stop playing!

Self Enjoyment

a game that keeps on playing
once everyone has left

it gets bored
looks at the board
and figures out what’s left

the game enjoys itself
it loves the pieces’ forms
it plans and thinks
then slowly slinks
the pieces across the board

one by one it wins itself
and then it has lost
but once it has
back in the bag
all of the pieces are tossed

There’s More Strange Left Behind


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But, we didn’t win. We lost. They won.

Strange Remnant

Girl keeps running
she trips
starts stumbling
she reaches a cliff
and nearly falls from it

but she manages to stop
the edge is a sheer drop
she carefully peers over
and sees what’s left over

a body in the air
what once was a lady
she’s been dead for years
ever since she was a baby

born into existence
and never let live
she is a Strange one
that, you have to admit

Strange to us. Have a great day.


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