It’s hard to run forever.


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When you run from something eternal, there are things you cannot do. Stop. Rest. Sleep. Find peace. So many things you cannot do. Eventually there comes a time when you don’t have it in you anymore. You don’t feel there is a point.


Body lying
on the ground
ragged thing
torn around
pieces ripped
and spread about
like a hurricane
in the mouth
teeth and bones
stuck in walls
shattered flesh
fingers frozen off

horrid end
sorrow all
sad message
written on wall

I’m done running.

May there be nothing of the sort. Have a great day.

I.. that’s disgusting.


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Picture this, if you will.

Tissue Face

shredded face
horrid visage
terror way
screamed at walls
while claws in gaze

torn apart
all over the place
pieces sit with stained upon
sickening scene
stagger on

screaming still
with shouted strength
handfuls of face
in claws then space

final sit
and pass to future
lying motionless
body stupor

morning comes
and sit and wake
look around
why gaze?
all before return to face

I really wish I hadn’t. Have a great day.



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What if you were standing in reality and had a snow globe in your hand that had all of reality in it? I don’t even–let’s try again… but smaller.

Infinite Nested

Woman in my palm
staring at her own
eyes wide open
but she’s off in a zone
thinking about something
while holding what she’s got
I can’t see her focus
while she’s lost in thought

around me is a desert
a wrinkled spreading land
a place of warmth and moisture
with a strangely close horizon

I feel as if I’ve seen it
a place like this before
and then it all makes sense
shaking me to the core

I’m standing in a palm
and so I look up
straight up into a woman’s eyes
looking down from high above

I still don’t even know! Have a great day.

There are those of us who realize the truth


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I’m no hero. I’m just going day-to-day, swimming against a current toward whatever tomorrow brings. And you know, that’s enough. But, sometimes, everything gets to be too much. At times like that, I feel like this:


Painting walls with helium
so they’ll fly away
screaming at the color
as it dries and fades to gray
holding on to the walls
as they start to swim
I’m not the hero here
I just need saving

A little crazy, I could have just said. But, you know, not just saying it is kind of the point. Have a great day.

Something let them taste the same.


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It happens. It shouldn’t, but it happens.


dog in the basement
locked and chained
man sitting up stairs
not a drop of shame

he eats and drinks at night
and he eats and drinks all day
and all the while the dog
barely has a plate

dog in the basement
yipping at the wall
it needs to eat something
or the dog will be gone

the face of the world
it watches your days
and when you think you’re safe
it snatches them away
when you feel you’ve made it
the cable pulls taught

so don’t relax and think you’ve won
you’ve already been caught

May awful things come to awful things. May great days come to the rest.

So close to real, but you know the truth.


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Exercise is the point of many things we do in our lives. Sometimes, we go out and do it in the wild. Other times we just do it pretend.


Step after step
better with every rep
progress is out of breath
pushing towards adept

driving to get better
following the letter
resisting surrender
but just a running pretender

“Pretend”… I guess, it still works. It can’t be pretend if it actually works… Have a great day.

They panicked when they saw it.


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When something happens that is referred to without specific details, the term used could be incident.


Coins on the ground
bouncing all around
fallen down
screaming all around

metal on a roll
not caring where it goes
just heading off to who knows
while people keep on going

they’re screaming and running
eyes bulging up and
seeming to rub against
the world as they scrub

they are trying to forget
what it is that was said
what happened
and why it all was near them

Part of me wonders what happened. Part of me is glad I can still have a great day. I hope you have one, too.

The Week of Fingers – The Honorary Member


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You know, buddy, you aren’t really a finger. Oh, yes I am.

The Not A Finger

This finger isn’t a finger
this finger is a thumb
it gives a gesture to others
a gesture called thumbs up

The thumb just stands alone
there’s nothing else quite like
it swings this way and that
the strongest all the time

the thumb grants us grip
it sets us all apart
without this finger, humanity
wouldn’t be nearly what they are

You really are, most different of fingers, you really are.

The Week of Fingers – The Baby


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Undersized, but not forgotten.

The Classy Finger

The finger we extend
when we try to show class
that tiny little one
just beyond the ring’s stand

the pinky’s little purpose
could be said to have no weight
but all it does is class things up
when we carefully hold it away

Only with the first three, yes. Have a great day.


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