A Break for Time


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Sometimes, that little flicker before your eyes, that’s her taking a moment.

Time Break

Time takes a weight off
watches while it thaws
so much pressure on hers
her figurative shoulders

Time smiles and waits
the ice slowly wears away
she watches it melt away
the warmth won’t let it stay

Time rises to go
she’s seen what she meant to
she knows what’s coming, too
and she can’t really help but move

Do you think Time carries us or we carry her? Have a great day.

Some frustration applies to many things…


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Sometimes, venting is all you can do. Sometimes, it isn’t.

On Going

I voiced at the wall
wrote about it all
frustrated with the call
can’t change any at all

and it keeps going wrong
always veering off
right when things are strong
here we go right off

the edge of a cliff
a screaming
slushy mix
nothing neatly fixes
the problem that’s presented

we can’t get our stride
shambling like a zombie
staggeringly blind
we never seem to meet

the deadline that’s given
time after time, revisioned
never really done
it’s only an intermission

May you find a fix for any problems you have. Have a great day.

She loves the horrid remnants.


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Awful little thing, would that it were less difficult to drive it away.

Crime Scene Warning

Paint the wall with your head
liquid red coming off of it
screaming lines of jagged taint
a sickly mess causes some to faint

Chaos loves the art we make
the rabid depravity present in it
she stands and stares for years on end
decades pass and she’s still staring
and yet, when more is made for show and tell
she’s standing there, as well

Sick little monster
smiling here
when you scrub and sweep
she ceases to cheer
so, if you feel a cold touch
don’t search around,
you’ve proof enough
hoist yourself with block and tackle
and pass the horse
while in its saddle

Horrid thing, Chaos. May you never see her. Have a great day.

You don’t always get the bad thing.


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So long to track something so horrid. So many lost in its pursuit. Unfortunate.


promise made
was never done
all was said
was just made up
it was all pretend
the words they said
the meanings given
never happened

and in that way
you’ve slowly done
broken an innocent
stabbed someone

words are weapons
they gleam and slice
so, if you make some
try to make them nice

Not all adventurers can be success stories, you know? Have a great day.

To Keep the Goodlings Out


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What would a manipulator of corpses use to keep the hunters away? Easy question. This:

Corpse Ward

Lurking in woods
no longer in swamp
village was eaten
hag had a chomp
they must keep looking
not get put off
a goal they have
to knock the hag off

they seek and they hunt
and they stride through the fog
the dank, cold forest
no longer a bog
they stalk on in silence
following the path
the footprints on it
the village at their backs

a scent is picked up
and they start to run
the sickening thing
the smell is nearing them
and then they realize
it is approaching!
but it isn’t the hag
but it isn’t better
Ragged Remnant
nasty to the letter

it howls and it cries
it bellows and swings
rabid, blood flecked hands
strike many soft things
when all is said
only few remain
the hunter tests its head
then they go on their way

Maybe being a failed adventurer isn’t so nice, eh? Have a great day.

I suppose it’s better to be a failed adventurer than the civilian who hired them…


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Sometimes, missing the mark means the world ends.

Free Problem

slack-jawed pose
as staring down
nothing there
in the ground
pit is gone
and so is dark
filthy swamp
intact, though.
not today
and never was
have to find
and make it dust

heading back
turned and left
boots through swamp
tread through dread
now at home
all safe and sound
get new lead
and again set out

walking, stalking
sloshing feet
stagger struggle
to stay on feet

find a path
and sprinting starts
strange footprints
that hobble along
it was as feared
or so is thought
a hag is free
one long ago caught

sprinting charge
but now too late
they see the village
they smell its fate
they smell the fires
and flesh all seared
and chewed and chomped
gobbled near

bodies lying
here and there
some well done
and some just rare
hag likes variety
in meals she has
eating and chewing
but salting it down

May they find peace. For the rest of you, I’d keep searching. Us? Have a great day.

To Seek in The Swamp


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In old times, when magic was real and things needed to be destroyed and not buried to keep them away, there were those called Adventurers. Those willing to risk life and limb for the safety of others–or just some good, old gold. Regardless of why, though, they still had to do it.

Swamp Hunting

the darkest cave
in the darkest marsh
the darkest pit
with the highest cost
at the bottom sits
a silent thought
a screaming menace
yet to be caught
not for knowledge
of where it resides
the menace is horrific
it terrifies

final words
of warning given
to men and women
who head out, living

sloppy mud
on sturdy boots
splashing pools
of nondescript goo
filthy scent
that crawls about
it coats the skin
and won’t come out

the swamp
and marsh
and bog
and muskeg
all that’s brought
is slowly rusted
all the food
turns foul
filthy place
all’s gone now

closer, closer
not willing to fail
fear eclipses
and some of them bail
closing in
they will not stop
weapons drawn

a noise!
now what?

just a noise
no need to panic
calmed pulses
are slowly managed

they come to the place
where the pit should be
where the cave and dark
and horrid should be seen
but nothing’s there
not even a peek
it up and left

can’t catch me.

Not the best beginning, but not the worse, either. Have a great day.

Too much to be mortal.


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A young mind with far too much volume.

The More Girl

the girl who has no brain
she staggers and she sways
she cries and we all flee
because we don’t know what she means

the girl, she has no mind
she stands still all the time
endless amounts tick by
and we all just wander by
she can’t help but gape
between her ears ablaze

but we are the ones who’ve lost
the things she knows aren’t wrong
she just can’t really let on
that she knows what’s going on

this girl we all pity
she grew too much for a body
she broke the bounds
now floats free
this girl isn’t dead, just empty

the girl we speak of now
she’s always walking around
her body just stands and shouts
while her mind looks about

it peeks in here
and stares in there
mother watches
makes her bed
puts her to rest and checks on head
empty still
nothing in it

Have a great day.



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Unexpected? Perhaps.

Un-Over frozen

Man approaches
and holds out hand
bear sees coming
and raises head back
looks at man
and man sees tag
bear isn’t enemy
bear is a friend

man beckons closer
and friends come near
explains situation
where bear can hear
man asks bear
can bear assist?

but bear isn’t dragon
no magic in him
bear moves back
while man makes flames
careful position
very near friend
friend starts to drip
and drop and hiss
snow and ice
they start melting
only enough to free friend’s face
then man quickly puts out flames

friend looks at friend
build up is gone
friend was ice
all along
now friend is free
he steps down
he pats the bear’s head
while his humans gather round

A little too frozen to move. Have a great day.


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