They may try to take it.


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I see you, staring at me with hunger in your eyes.  You will not get me, no matter how hard you try.

Soul Safe

the eyes of a monster
in the head of a man
staring at me
holding my hand

the eyes of a predator
hunting in my soul
seeking a weakness
a place where he can go

the eyes of a demon
hoping to steal
the only thing I must keep
the part of me that feels

never will you beat me
never will you win
you cannot ever usurp
the person you’re looking in

Recognize and run.  Do not flee, for they smell fear more easily than potential.  And, always, have a great day.

They hide everywhere.


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We take them for granted.  Behind every wall in every structure, they plot and scheme.  Who are these Trojan horses we place ourselves?

The Pipes

pipes on the walls
crawling like snakes
they slither on the bricks
crawling past your drapes

pipes in the ceiling
lying there in wait
careful to stay unnoticed
until it’s too late

pipes beneath the grass
feeling you tred
for every step you take
they want to make you dead

pipes near the rivers
spitting filthy splosh
ever filled bellies
that churn and slosh

pipes are everywhere
plotting in the time
waiting for a moment
that is exactly prime

Watch them back, it is our only chance.  Have a great day.

So much crumbling.


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Some of us see, but there’s little to do.

World Decomposition

nightmares are real
and the world is a dream
the lies we assume
evaporate in steam

things taken for granted
all part of a scheme
no one understands
except the ones who see

some of them hide
and some of them run
so many make it
but they catch many of them

picking their way
through the darkest reaches
they hear the panic
that the nightmare screeches

desperate, fearful
with nowhere to go
they keep moving
in this world’s death throws

It is happening.  Run, run and hope the debris don’t get you.

The Orb Gazes Hatefully


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The Dark Nova burns so badly.

Dark Predicament

vile is the sun
that quivers above
the glow of its dark
burning everyone

the night brings the terrors
and everything else
the zombies, the corpses
and the things that melt

so, shelter we do
and shelter we must
there is no safety
for the likes of us

Have a great day–or night, beneath that horrid sun.

A Dark and Nightmarish Place


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Our minds frown on our place in life.  Might we find a better way?

Dark Wish

deep underground
we hide in our hovel
we sift through the dirt
digging deep with our shovel

life is a nightmare
to have been left alive
it burns everyday
that we could have died

No.  That is not the way.  Try again.  Have a great day.

A Dark World


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Such a dark place.  Bring me light.  Is there still light?

Dark Nova

hand before face
but eyes cannot see
dark sits between
so opaquely

no one dares say
what it is they think
we let time waste away
to scared to blink

The light of the darkness
it is what we call it
there’s nothing to see
and never safety

May you keep the sun close.  Have a great day.


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