My wand has a wax paper soul.


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My wand has a soul of wax paper. It screams with its entire heart. But every second that I strain, my lungs want to tear apart.


Tube with paper
in one end
not real music
just vibrating
loud or soft
but never a note
but it is an instrument
that many of us know

Greatest introductory instrument ever. Have a great day.

It takes effort to push the dark away.


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Oh, how we’ve waited for first light. Throughout history, everyone waits for one reason or another. Some wait because they can get up, because they are excited, because they can go to bed or just because they are eager to see the sun again. But, has it ever occurred to us that night exists because the sun has to get around the Earth? That isn’t easy!

First Light

Drops of sun
in a glass of night
trying to survive
past being first light
the day has begun
and the night goes away
and the rest of the sun
comes out to play

I’m tired thinking about it. Now, I’m waiting for night. Whatever the time is wherever you are, may it be great.

A warning from before


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Before you and I, before here and there, before we had things that we commonly accept as constants, there was power unimaginable. That power had good aspects and bad aspects. Finally, in days bridging towards now, a decision was made to lock away the power and warn those who would dare attempt control over it.

Etched Upon

Scribbles traced on solid stone
scratched within
not written upon
message made with motion past
urgent swirls
with well-trained hand
careful care and intent
to convey a message of warning

Heed the words you cannot understand. Not because you do not know what they say, but because someone felt it was so important that they last until today.

I’ve come to grips with it.


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There comes a point where you realize that you’ve said too much and meant too little. When that happens… I think I’ve gone on too much…

Rambled Acceptance

My head is like gold
solid and soft
my mind is like mold
too close and you cough
I can’t find the road
probably drove off
but I feel like I know
where I’m headed off

I stagger and state
what I feel that I know
I approximate
what I feel I should do
but all of this meaning
that I hope to put through
should have meaning to someone
perhaps one of you

and in the event
that I waste all my life
May I grow green grass
after I’ve died

In short, have a great day.

Time for person, little Billy.


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I’m so hungry, I could eat a whole passerby.

Mad Cannibal

Empty gaze
was never seen
empty eyed
so could protein
empty lips
what taste and tongue
darting out to see
while shopping them

now never did
how never hide
and always won
to find meat in time

chunk and chew
and tear and rip
find deep in stew
once face that kiss

to taste the source
and chew and swallow
deep down inside
into pit that’s hollow

What’s that? According to this name tag, Fred. Did you enjoy your meal, Billy? Have a great day.

I see all of you… every last one of you… and you? You will see me, too!


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Sometimes the watcher doesn’t want to be a fly on the wall. They want you to see them equally.

Mad Watch

finger is
what gesture made
careful pose
on promenade
looking watch
as browsing see
and now the people
turn toward me

slinking stalker
to patient gawk
and hide and think
near rambled walk
to see is not to grip and hold
let careful steps
careful go

Yes, we see you. Have a great day.


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