It is that time of year, right?


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Where I live, it is very green during this time of year. Very, very green. I like that. I like to walk in it and listen to it. I like to watch the sunrise and the sunset. I love that.

Camper Day

feet on the ground
tramping, tramping
stamping on the ground
trampling it down

they trace a path around
pounding, pounding
heavily setting down
knees go up and down

all the day passes
while we walk along in masses
treading slowly passed this
stuff hidden amongst grasses

finally we arrive
to sit in dimming sunshine
listening to the sounds
accompanying the sun
as it drifts down

the birds and the bees
dogs out on prairies
little chipmunks watch and see
pointing with their feet

everyone says good night
as the world puts out the light

Do you like Camper Days? Have a great day, regardless of the type.

I really try to feed mine regularly…


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It is important to feed the fire of invention.


fire burning brightly
the spark inside your mind
it lights the way for everything
imagined deep inside
it lets it find the walls
and it lets it find the sky
so be sure to keep feeding it
or your imagination will sputter and die

Think of something new. Have a great day.

He is still powerful.


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Time wears on you and I. It claws and drags its fingers along our faces and hands. But, when magic powers your engine, there is little that can break you.

Ancient Wizard

voicing shout
that runs around
it angry man
with beard hang down

spell in hand
and staffing cane
he strikes the ground
to shake the brain

the voicing mad
is not afraid
he wields his power
to burn danger away

He is still here. Have a great day.


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