Life changer incoming.


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We’ve all had them. We’ve all faced them. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. But, at least we still have our lives, right?

The Moment Before

This moment is a darkness
it stands in your way
it doesn’t frighten easily
it won’t just run away

you cannot push or pull it
or outlaw it from your path
it doesn’t recognize you
as a force or source of wrath

This moment is a darkness
and when it does arrive
I promise
I urge you
please flee it with your life

Celebrate every victory, that should be enough of a reason to have a great day.

What do horses want to do in a race?


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The horses want to Whinny… get it? Yes, it was that bad.

Horse Race

They pound around the track
hooves striking out at
the ground
making impacts

they keep on charging at
a line in the sand
it’s written on the ground
a point where they can settle down
rest and stretch it out
while the jockey gets down

Have a great day.

Us greedy rock needers!


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Rocks in the stares are what we want. To bring them down here and fight over them! Grandly stated and intended. This!

Watching Rock

The voice less beyond
in it, a frigid rock
it floats and takes stock
about all which we throb

a pulsing
convulsing mass
we try our best to grab
as we all hurtle passed

it isn’t of great worth
rare or on a strange circuit
it is just a rock
and yet
for it we throb

We will have it! Build a rocket, fly into space. We will. We are. You? Great day.

To my good friend, may your endeavors be grand.


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Recently, I had a friend leave the place we mutually worked at. I will miss him.


Someone met
and gotten to know
worked with
ridden with
on some trips home

and nightly
all the way late
working on a project
when I didn’t want to stay

but before all was bad
and now, hasn’t changed
you made the world bearable
but now you’ve gone away

Have a great day.

All by myself.


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In the moment where there is nothing else around you there is only one non-existent word to describe your state:


Alone in the dark
floundering around
I reach way up
and then I reach way down

I’m alone
nothing around me
no ground
no sky
just me in space
with no way to see

I’ve never been all by my alonesome. Mainly because that doesn’t actually mean anything. Have a great day.

And without her…


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Oh, ding dong, there be dead witches and such. But, what about said frigid old lady’s leavings? Her inheritance and her will? Did she have one? I hope not, without their lady, her grounds are sure to perish.

Without the Cold Queen

Dripping walls
of solid snow
thawing halls
that coldly echo
they scream in fear
at what has come
the Ice Queen is gone
and now they’re done

Spare the lawyer the time, there won’t be anything shortly. Have a great day–after all, ding dong and such.

Have you ever stared into their eyes as you squeezed?


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Little soft things we cling to and knead like the unlucky victims of trolls and giants. Their little eyes bugging out and falling back into place as they smile up at us, willingly taking our punishment in order to relieve our stress. You know what I’m talking about. Those little toys you get sometimes…

Stress Ball

hand on head
slowly squeezing
face keeps distorting
because they keep applying
a gesture
to relieve pressure
and transfer to another
to help them relax

I keep them away from me. I keep thinking one day they will rise up and reciprocate. That would be terrible, wouldn’t it? Have a great day.

Moving at a break neck pace.


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The longer you let them go the more friction is generated. Friction generates heat and heat burns. Don’t let your thoughts catch fire.

Racing Mind

My hand on my head
my mind inside of it
my thoughts outside of it
whirling around everything

round and round
they won’t slow down
let me get a dog
maybe a hound
it will let me catch them
hunt my thoughts down
before they run off
or wear themselves out

I did what I had to. I doused myself in ice water. Not the best idea I’ve ever had, but it saved what I was thinking. Have a great day.


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