Everyone wants to be mythical.


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But, not everyone can.

Not Quite Theseus

Running with my head down
in a straight line
trying to find
where it is that I tied
the longest of cords
while I’m being chased
a minotaur
wants me out of his space

So close. At least he got to run, right? I wonder if he got away. Have a great day.

Gaze at it, but if you stare too much then it will blind you.


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In the darkest hours, we have a small glimmer of hope that we follow. A spark or dot that points the way to a better time. But, in following that promise, don’t forget your surroundings and the promises of today.

Blinding Light

the thing you want most
that thing that’s your guide
you turn toward it
like a compass
day and night
all that you shape
within all of your life
is to keep in focus
your guiding light

pointing and staring
with all you can spare
you drive yourself onward
intent on its glare
but be careful
that you
in your focused efforts
don’t neglect or forget
the rest that you shepherd

May your light always illuminate everything for you. Have a great day.

Sometimes, you just don’t have anything to say…


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My empty head tells me there is nothing for me to talk about tonight.

Inspiration Less

Tonight I have
nothing to say
no words of meaning
come to me
no words
whisper weakly
for me to pickup
and chant them freely
so, with that
I must admit
I’ve nothing to write
not even a bit

Have a great day.

I smelled you, but I never caught sight.


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You drifted by. A whisper on the breeze. For a moment, I was aware. But now, you’ve left me. Please come back. So I might recall the greatest scent ever. Trailing you at a crawl. And leaving me with a shiver.


a whisper in the air
of scent not sight
a moment of greatness
olfactory might
a strange sort of power
the power to please
the temporary presence
of perfume near me

Two for the price of one. Have a great day.


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