I’ve come to grips with it.


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There comes a point where you realize that you’ve said too much and meant too little. When that happens… I think I’ve gone on too much…

Rambled Acceptance

My head is like gold
solid and soft
my mind is like mold
too close and you cough
I can’t find the road
probably drove off
but I feel like I know
where I’m headed off

I stagger and state
what I feel that I know
I approximate
what I feel I should do
but all of this meaning
that I hope to put through
should have meaning to someone
perhaps one of you

and in the event
that I waste all my life
May I grow green grass
after I’ve died

In short, have a great day.

Time for person, little Billy.


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I’m so hungry, I could eat a whole passerby.

Mad Cannibal

Empty gaze
was never seen
empty eyed
so could protein
empty lips
what taste and tongue
darting out to see
while shopping them

now never did
how never hide
and always won
to find meat in time

chunk and chew
and tear and rip
find deep in stew
once face that kiss

to taste the source
and chew and swallow
deep down inside
into pit that’s hollow

What’s that? According to this name tag, Fred. Did you enjoy your meal, Billy? Have a great day.

I see all of you… every last one of you… and you? You will see me, too!


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Sometimes the watcher doesn’t want to be a fly on the wall. They want you to see them equally.

Mad Watch

finger is
what gesture made
careful pose
on promenade
looking watch
as browsing see
and now the people
turn toward me

slinking stalker
to patient gawk
and hide and think
near rambled walk
to see is not to grip and hold
let careful steps
careful go

Yes, we see you. Have a great day.

I can’t quite make out what it means.


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In these words was placed a meaning. But that meaning is lost to me, now. May you see something in them.

Unclearly Mad

I stagger mad
the walls surround
they close the portal
lock it down
a knocking, calling
let something out
clued to hear
to translate now
and with the words
that fumble now
flood light’s glow
can’t make them out

Have a great day.

To kill a pit.


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I want to save the world, Mommy. Then you should grow up to be an adventurer. Okay, Mommy.

Stopping the Cave

nearing city
cavern sees
more food to eat
more things to steal
but plan was made
before had left
spell shouts, “NOW!”
and out of path leapt
axe, bow and blade as well
they flee the path
as catapult bellows

cavern sees too late to be
and dodge elegantly
so flailing flop
of thunder drop
it body rocks
the earth and stops

cavern rage
is growing wild
hatred growth
could cover miles
but sits inside
the gurgle pit
hungry cave
not laughing

stomping stand
as cry inside
laugher resumes
Chaos arrives
giggle squeal of chortle yuck
spitting laughs
nasty stuff
cavern froths as whipping kick
cackle phrase
go with it

raises foot of standing now
stamps the ground
buildings fall down
laughing, laughing
then catapult roar
again, cavern collapses to floor
anger now
laughing out
Chaos steps out
eyes looking around
Arrow flies and sinks in
deep inside of sickly skin
Chaos looks and chuckles down
reaches up and pulls it out
tosses back
with happy eye
“Here, young man, another try?”
Bow takes and tries again
arrow loosed into abdomen
Chaos looks and smiles and sighs

“tried and tried and tried and tried
never works
haven’t died
but, just this once,
I’ll spare your lives.”

Cavern leaves
walks away
Chaos inside
sleeping stay
not to worry
will return
and when they come
city burns
but before then is now
all have gone
they got the chance
and all moved on

Mommy, I did it. Mommy just smiles. Have a great day.

Adventurers solve problems.


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Adventurers solve problems. Chaos, or more importantly, this cave, is a problem.

Cave Assault

Voices tell of horror place
land where cave stands up straight
words that fail to express a scene
things that just cannot have been
working, trying to make sense
hang on syllables
baited breath
gestures made
craning neck
follows hands
as they reflect

details gained and gotten now
written, scrawled and taken down
held aloft before a tank
fluid refreshments
poured and drank

around the table
party made
promised wealth
from killing… cave?

outside, inside, what was lost
those who miss
paying cost
reward was offered
adventures scoffed
Give us more or else we’re off!
Paying, giving, lakes of wealth
adventures head off
off to fell

feet that track with careful steps
scents they test with nose adept
bow finds the edge of safe
stops to gawk
face amazed

cave just sits and chuckles quiet
fearful sight
none deny it
sitting still
with mouth agape
teeth inside
forming toothy maze
not rocky teeth
the kind that break
from people skull
such terror fate

drawing near
all prepared
spell is raised
blazing stare
crackle pulse of hatred rage
burning power
forest amazed
backing off form space to fight
trees stand up
retreating time

cave just sits
a low laugh rumble
deep inside
a low gas bubble
cave wants more
feels empty rumble
wants to eat
time all jumbled
has eaten
and hasn’t sat
still all pacing
before all that
but suddenly
cave is back
adventures charge
spell did that

flare of rage
deep in cave
twisting maze
as things let free
screaming run
of horror nest
stagger charge
of death repressed
nearing closer
what sits outside
adventures charge
as things come fight
joining in
what a surprise
bow and blade
help stem the tide
but rising gail
of anger storm
shouting wrath as crashing roar
as if a ship washed in to port
things from cave
keep coming more

bow runs out
and blade breaks
time to die
or vacate
magic raised
ripped from world
knotted threads
like fingers curl
dragging forth
power to hurl
howling closes
ancient girl
screaming shout
with wildest hair
blade and bow back out and stare
while spell stands
not fearful there
unleashes power
that dragged about
flaring scream
burning down
cavern sees
as horde burns out
thrashing flames
from what can’t feel pain
falling down
and shatter plain

spell looks at
staring cave
cave not happy
cave feels rage
chunks from ground
tosses up
lets fall down
spell and blade and bow run
axe joins in
axe wants fun
axe stays by as cave emerges
axe out classed
path diverges
flees after
in charging shout
while flailing chin wig
flaps about

A party sought to kill a terror. Too bad the terror won. Have a great day.

You don’t have to go looking to find them.


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Fiends. Often times horrible things that you would never want to come across. But Chaos? She enjoys it.

Chaos Lair

Laughing walls in cackle cave
shattered stone that is a grave
claw filled jaws
not teeth inside
tips of paws

howling faces
that have seen
shouting mad
things obscene
not to witness

turn and flee
just turn and flee
not to heed
and listen down
ears are open
but tuned out
shouted words
to not go near
but tuned out ears
didn’t hear

whisper step
of careful traipse
mouths hang open
because mind concentrates
careful go
as all approach

cave sits still
laughing too
snickers silent
stagger clutch
stomach hurting
cackles much

drawing nearer
careful stare
eyes awake
ears, too, here
adventure rules
proper and straight
drawing nearer
more careful gait
stop to test
cave snapping tastes

shouting voice
that raise above
howling roar as cave wakes up
standing, running, all the same
cave and people
sharing ways

running, screaming, waving hands
screaming, shouting, fleeing at
heading home
with terror flight
one leaves the ground
again cave dines

numbers fall as cave takes tour
drawing near
shouting roar
people inside hear the sound
they come outside
banquet now
cave closes
whisper snarl
flight now grows
as fear runs off

May you never have such misfortune. And in so doing, have a great day.

Eagerly Looking


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There are searches in life that are very important. Whenever you complete one, it is a great feeling.

Blind Search

I can’t define what it is that I seek
but I am sure it will leap out at me
and when it does
I’ll emit a squeak
the surprise and joy
at it being complete

because when it jumps out
and finally says hi
I won’t go on my way
I’ll just stay nearby

Still looking. Have a great day.

It’s hungry, too.


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Ah, chocolate.  I’ve heard many titles assigned to this miraculous deliciousness.  But have you ever stopped to think of whether or not it minds… or thinks the same of us?

Chocolate Pudding

chocolate is
a spreading joy
melted soup
that can’t annoy
luring closer
waiting still
dip in finger
taste until…

lapping now
with hands and face
loving scent
loving taste
loving sheen
unloving scene
chocolate lashing
now missing.

I still like chocolate. I’ll take the risk. Have a great day.


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