You can’t expect an essay.


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If you want a long message in return, then you should probably send a book out into space.

Just Checking

scream at the stars
tell them to visit
far out there
something hears it

it leans in close
and sends to see
from far off
approaching quickly

the ship arrives
from the great vast beyond
it lands on the ground
and something steps off

greetings Earthlings
we came to see
and that we have
now, we’ll leave you be

Have a great day.

The fun is just outside


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So close by.  The joy is within reach.

Street Party

a chuckling ruckus
outside my home
I stare out the window
all my lonesome

thinking and wondering
how I could join
the laugher and joy
that is going on

then I go to my kitchen
I take a bowl
and inside I mix
a nice casserole

then out I go
with my treat to be eaten
I join in their fun
in a shirt that is sequined

Have a great day.

That isn’t how it works…


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No matter how hard anyone tries to make it seem to.

High Grounder

on the shoulders of morality
I will hide
the highest ground
with the thickest pride

pride is my shield
it holds away the lies
it tells them I’m true
and they can’t deny

everything stated
is real and right
I don’t need to change it
because if I do
then I’ve died

Have a great day.

I value them, too.


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They keep our homes safe.  Us, too.

Flame Vanquishers

the glow of fire
it screams on the ground
buildings standing over it
they tumble to the ground

the rave of the witnesses
they shout, squeal and howl
until the fire fighters come
and everyone quiets down

the fires are waning
they quietly go away
and now that they’re gone
safety’s come to stay

Thank you.  Have a great day.

How big a cake would you need for everyone?


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It would have to be this big!

All Party Cake

a tower of cake
reaching for the sky
it sits on the ground
and goes up for miles

cake and then icing
and then cake again
all the way to the clouds
where strawberries are resting

a voice from above
shouts to those below
to which there is a response
“I am!” They bellow

Have a great day–and, if it was yours, happy birthday.

It’s just a round trip for them.


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For water, it’s just a chance to visit their cousin who lives inland.

Rumble Journey

warm high above
and cold far below
the two of them meet
and thunder echoes

roaring and rumbling
and tumbling along
until they let loose
letting rain set on

droplets come down
thicker than dust
they beat and bang
quickly building up

water flows
like the steps of a giant
a heavy wall
pushing like a tyrant

finally it reaches
the shore of the land
and out it goes
to join its brothren

Would that it was for us.  Have a great day.