He should’ve leashed his tongue.


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One should not set free what should be caged.  Doing so might cause great peril for all involved.

The Flailing Lips

said the blabbermouth to the open end
a shout of mocking that condescends
it froze him still and petrified
both by force of word, and stagnant pride

the frozen stared, an indignant gaze
in silent awe as mouth walked away
he turned tail and strode, as calm can be
just about faced, and left with ease

the frozen thawed, and his mouth resumed
all alone his anger loomed
it rose and rattled the line he straddled
it would not let him rest
so up he took his sharpest hook
and went to rend the nest

the blabbermouth’s gait was even and calm
passive victorious, and striding on
his words were knives, of this he knew
yet, he didn’t think the victim would pursue

Yet another reason to sleep in, and come out when the road’s only company is its color.  Have a great day.

With discovery comes fortune.


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The hand gave way to riches.

Palm Hall

a city of myth
right there to behold
peerless in form
with secrets untold

the smell in the air
such an awful scent
it made me feel faint
until on my mask went

when I arrived
and found the city core
I stood before statues
that silently mourned

their home, this land
where they’d resided
it was now my discovery
so money minded

Have a great day.

The hand that wards off.


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That hand might just be a door.

Palm Passage

the door stood shut
like a giant’s hand
the fingers towered high
while the palm made its stand

I reached for the knob
then gripped and turned
and as if a tickled palm
the doorway squirmed

I pushed it open
granted passage, I gazed
for I didn’t dare enter
and just stood there amazed

What do you think was on the other side?  Have a great day.