They’ve seen me, too.


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And gave me a gift of memory.

Their Eyes

the eyes of a demon
staring at my head
boring to my brain
wishing me dead

the eyes of a goblin
staring at my knees
eager to steal what’s mine
preferably with ease

the eyes of an elf
green, gold or white
strange, self loving creatures
who believe themselves right

I have seen many things
and they have all seen me
but what I keep for myself
is just the memories

Have a great day.

I observe something more specific.


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I looked and saw.

Earthly Observation

the whole spinning orb
it rotates like a top
everyone hanging on
hoping it won’t stop

the place they call home
rotating up a storm
and no one bats an eye
because that is the norm

I gaze from far away
blinking regularly
never seeing the same side
because it spins so quickly

Have a great day.

What did you watch from the outside?


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I watched many things.  But, above all else, I watched a cycle…

Life Observation

standing on the far side
outside of it all
I watch and count
as life rises and falls

a cycle of depletion
that starts as a whole
and wears itself out
until it’s all gone

I watch and I count
each cycle in turn
as each one traspires
and tries to learn

the secret of life
isn’t what you can do
it’s the fact that
there’s so much more to do

Have a great day.

I never want to see it.


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Earth has an expiration date.

Earth Flight

the ground is broken
spreading cracks sprawl
they crease the earth
hunting for us all

seeking and searching
with widespread reach
they want to find us each
and violently greet

the morning is met with shudders
shaking and collapses
our safety subsides
the calm quickly lapsing

flee for the sky
the earth is done
we all board up
and commence evacuation

May we have somewhere to go.  Have a great day.

The greatest enemy…


, ,

…sits inside.


slowly looking around
at the walls inside my head
the ones that close in
when I start to think I’m slipping

the walls have faces on them
with sickening awful glares
they lean out over top of me
and I melt beneath their stares

but I cannot let them win
and I cannot scream and cower
I must keep on going
fueled by my own willpower

Don’t let it win.  Have a great day.

Evil Hearts


, ,

They feel love too.

Demon Hearts

a hand that reaches
for the grasp of another
they sought to unite
and the whole world sunder

the glow of their eyes
in the depths of their prison
they know only each other
and the power they were given

what once was to be feared
is finally free
but now there is peace
no need for worries

in the depths of their prison
they found each other
and the years were relaxing
no longer filled with hunger

Have a great day.