You don’t have to mean anything…


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Just don’t be empty while doing it.

Life Song

darkness is to nightmare
as day is to dream
and life is a moment
with animal schemes

science is a tribute
and fact is a lie
lies are the whispers
that slowly wander by

time is a breath
and a lung is a clock
ticking and ticking
as its smouth starts to froth

all of us are people
and all of this a song
a sequence of notes
we follow along

Have a great day.

Do you trust like this?


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Everything that have.  Everything they need.

Pack Hunter

face to the ground
the nose of the heard
he hunts with scent
a skill he has learned

paws in the soil
then grass
then snow
as the year swings around
he keeps on going

coat getting thicker
then thinner
and then thinnest
the climate that’s home
it isn’t forgiving

but year in
and year out
this is how they live
following the scents
that he interprets

Have a great day.

Maybe for a time…


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Do you think at least for a time?

Upside Down

if the world
were upside down
and we were locked
inside a round

and if it were opened
we’d all fall down
tumbling, tumbling
falling out

if the world
were righted again
turned right side up
so we were standing

on the ground
and not hanging
but level and balanced
and not dangling

then the world
all of us
would have more thankfulness
inside of us

don’t you think?

Have a great day.

If our world was flat…


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What if our world was flat?

If Our World Was Flat

if our world was flat
then asteroids would be tossed
like darts at a board
leaving craters

if our world was flat
the water would have drained
there would be little left
in isolated flood planes

if our world was flat
then the wind wouldn’t blow
because it couldn’t circle the globe
because that wouldn’t work,
you know?

Have a great day.

That’s one reason to keep us safe.


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No one wants to clean up the mess.

Earth Watch

eyes in the sky
above and beyond
looking down at us
down into our pond

this rock with water
they don’t really care
that there’s life on it
or that we easily scare

they just want to make sure
that nothing comes and kills
because cleanups are messy
and short on thrills

Feel safer.  Have a great day.

It’s raining outside.


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The lightning blinded me and I began to wonder…

Lightning Wonder

outside it is raining
the sky is straining
dripping drops
so amazing
joy can abound

above me
clouds are glowing
Sky, your lightning’s showing
it’s just electrons flowing
to the ground

down here
beneath above
I watch
the sky dry up
the gray lightens up
spreading blue
all around

Have a great day.


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