How would you get up among the clouds?


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I’d walk.

Rainbow Ramp

a ramp to the sky
shimmering brightly by
it arches its back
stretching out its neck

the colors of its shape
leave my mouth agape
every color I know
joining in the show

it sits there and I stare
until it isn’t there
because it’s moved on
and stopped putting the show on

Have a great day.

The sky isn’t high enough.


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Reach higher.

Space Rocks

gravel bounces high
reaching for the sky
seeking to eject
at a speed that breaks necks

it lunges and it strains
looking for more ways
to achieve a speed that says
or at least convinces of it

the gravel achieves
and thus it quickly leaves
like leaves ripped from trees
it is finally free

Have a great day.

Many things have many meanings.


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It isn’t what it is to everyone else that matters.  What does it mean to you?

Remnant Anchor

sitting there
to the core
filthy pile
of fossil fuel

smelling gently in the breeze
horrid odar
crumples knees

ripped and torn
left to bake
while kept to mourn

pieces of what was
are now what we see
kept or left
they’re memories

May your memories be useful.  Have a great day.