When it happened, people had to leave.


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The zombie apocalypse isn’t kind or forgiving.  Those who survive the beginning must give up on a quick death and seek to elongate what little remains.

Abandoned Full Town

windows in a city
where no one is home
they all packed up and left
leaving on their own

now all that remains
are the ones who walk and moan
they have no reason to stay
but there’s no reason to go

the voices haunt this place
and echo in the night
a horrible sound that surrounds
we’d wish none this plight

They must be willing to move at a moment’s notice.  Have a great day.

Buried, but still charging.


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It’s a great place to live, if you can handle the landlord.

Ghost Motel

a foot in the door
it blocks the swing
the space can’t be sealed
stopped from letting in things

a hand in the window
it’s resting on the sill
we can’t pull it closed
until we foot the bill

the price the limbs are seeking
the cost of being here
the value they require
in order to disappear

I feel I should just say it
I’d never have admitted before
what once was free to live with
now charges for anything we store

Have a great day.


I have a cat.


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It’s a never ending war to keep my clothes from becoming fuzzy.

Pet Dander

parts of an animal
strewn all around
sprinkled so casually
littering the ground

scrape them, tape them
but they fight to stay on
keep trying, and with diligence,
you can make them all get off

they plot to make us fuzzy
and seek to coat our clothes
but we won’t give in
we refuse to let them go

Have a great day.

When you visit doesn’t matter.


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Always open and welcoming.

The Isle of Sleep

at night we gather
and load from a dock
we all grip the oars
and paddle really hard

we cross rivers
and ford seas
until we reach
the isle of sleep

there we land
and cast anchors out
we slide to a stop
and set our feet down

we enjoy the break
and the sun on our faces
a calming land
that always amazes

and then, when it’s time
we climb back on the boat
and paddle back home
waking ready to go

Day or night, may it be great.

Hi, Yena.



I’m not brave enough to do this…


they came hurtling through the air
straight at my head
aimed with precision
but not to make me dead

they struck me on the forehead
and bounced between my ears
so, finally, I turned and disappeared

they watched me leave the area
they were pleased that I had run
but I returned the next night
and kept on keeping on

Have a great day.

She makes the world go crazy.


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Madness’ presence alters how things behave.  Not just people, but places and things, as well.

Madness’ Beach

the water rolls in
it laps at the ground
it wants to get a taste
there’s salt spread around

the water climbs further
it wants to get some sweets
it inches past onlookers
crawling up the beach

the water reaches stands
it tastes the ice cream
but it doesn’t like the flavors
there’re none for the sea

the water turns back
it rolls right out, and then
once it’s built momentum
it rolls back in again

Have a great day.

She’ll make you misinterpret.


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By how much?  Consider this:

Madness’ Theme Park

the earth is shaking
it ripples and writhes
and we all shriek
as if on a ride

we go up this hill
and then down the next
while the hills swap positions
and we nearly break our necks

we reach our homes
and get everyone outside
while the street changes shape
like it’s a snake, and alive

we escape to the wilderness
and watch the animals squeal
they’re sitting in a line
and one is holding a wheel

I don’t know when
the whole world went nuts
but this isn’t an earthquake
everyone’s having too much fun

Let them get their laughs while they still can, I guess.  Have a great day.