Rats of the Earth


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But, oh, to see as they do.

Mole For A Day

I found a hole
inside the ground
I got really low
hunkered way far down

in I crawled
my head really low
nose to the earth
to see how deep I could go

I crawled for days
in the dark of that place
until I reached
the end of the space

I turned back
having seen what I could see
and back on the surface
I returned to being me

I’d have thought that gophers would fit that title more closely.  Have a great day.

And why?


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Does it even matter?

Deading Moment

man on the ground
blood leaking out
voice weakly shouts
but no one comes around

lying on the bared
on a place that was shared
he unluckily glared
at the one with teeth bared

the was shot
and fell on the spot
now the red dots
have grown into blotches

Settle disagreements with words and nothing else.  Have a great day.