But, why would you free me?


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A simple question that most wouldn’t answer.  Unless, they knew that what they were was bad for everything.

Parole Reason

a question posed
the prisoner rose
why let go
what you seek to hold?

he stood and thought
as time ticked by
sun and moon
crossed the sky

until, at last
he decide to go
and find the answer
why they’d let him go

A good question.  A noble one.  Have a great day.

What’s behind this door?


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No one knows.  But, we do know that it has to stay there.

Sure Hold

locked and bolted
and welded shut
glued and pasted
to be sure it’s done

the door won’t budge
it can’t be moved
just so we’re sure
what’s inside can’t be loosed

I wonder if some greedy, curious adventurers might want to know…  Have a great day.

Should I stay or…


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Well, you know the rest.


I fell from the sky
at a hurricane speed
landed on the ground
slid on my knees

I shouted to the heavens
I love what I see
a grand place
such majesty

I got to my feet
put shoes around my toes
laced up the tops
and off I did go

I strode through the lands
surveying the scene
was this place ready
for the likes of me?

time and time again
I thought firmly “no”
strange as it is
I’m still here, though

Still thinking about it.  Have a great day.

This is why I carry an umbrella.


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All the time.


a rock in the air
falling through time
it slowly gets caked
and covered in grime

the rock keeps on falling
as time ticks by
until it reaches air
and enters a sky

fire engulfs it
the rock starts to burn
then it falls to the ground
and begins the great purge

The umbrella is made of steel.  Have a great day.

The next time you feel your mood changing…


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Mood’s Swings

and a miss
I feel better

and a miss
the sad sun setting

and a miss
a smile at the edge

warmth in my face
as my mind starts to rest

swing and a miss
the final loss
better now, thanks
time to move on

It can only hit what stands still and lets it.  Have a great day.