No one just likes to be watched.


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They came looking for him.


they saw him watching
arms across his chest
his eyes just peering
from out of his nest

the car was sitting
on the side of the road
but it wasn’t on
and the man had gone

they searched for footprints
and hunted for signs
but there wasn’t a trace
there were none left behind

Have a great day.

Some people just watch.


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But, we’ll keep an eye on him, anyway.


a vehicle sits
with someone inside
it’s parked on the edge
of a road’s straight line

the man is watching
as cars drive by
he acts as a witness
to them living their lives

the man sits from morning
until dusk arrives
he waits and waits
until he retires

home he heads
and to bed he goes
and then it repeats
we really don’t know

Have a great day.